You can book here, online or call us for an MOT. We accept any type of car or light vehicle, old and new.

We will also re-test your vehicle for free if it doesn't pass the first time as long as it is returned within a specified time.

MOT Certificate
The law states that all vehicles must undergo MOT tests on a yearly basis. Please bear in mind that this certificate is not a substitute for servicing and maintenance of your vehicle.

Test record
After the test you will be given either a pass or failure notification certificate. This information will be recorded on a database, however it should not be regarded as proof of mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Check your MOT due date

When should you renew your MOT?

You can renew your MOT up to one month before its expiry date. It is recommended that you take your car for testing before the expiry test so that there is sufficient time for repairs to be carried out if the initial test is a fail.

To check your MOT and TAX status, use this link to the government link:

For more information on MOTs go to the government link for MOTs